Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It’s amazing how much better your perspective gets when you have a few days to contemplate. My life has been, and will continue to be a little crazy, but I’m still very lucky. I have a partner who is there by my side through thick and thin (literally! LOL), and gives Dylan and I her all. I have this gorgeous, amazing, lovable, freaking CUTE little boy who yells “Mom Mom Mom” when I ring the bell to come pick him up, and does a little dance that I taught him in his highchair while he’s eating (the boy’s got rhythm like his Mommy), and trillions of other assorted things of cuteness.

How lucky am I??

So, my son may have trouble in certain areas of his life, but he is special and UNIQUE. I am so blessed to have this little munchkin. I am lucky! And whatever struggles and roadblocks he has to face, I will be right by his side to help him along the way.

We have more craziness in store for us coming up, this Thursday JC will be having gall bladder surgery, and I’m going to have to tend to her and take care of Dylan, plus balance all of the Early Intervention stuff coming our way shortly. But if any chick can handle it, it is me! Soon, she will start feeling better, and we will have a schedule set in place, and we can start living our new life. Things will all fall into place, I know it.

I am going to put way more effort into our little family having more time for fun. Even if it’s every other week, we are going to do SOMETHING fun together. Coney Island, the aquarium, zoo, the sprinklers at the park around the block…I don’t care! Even though we can’t go to Disney in October, I am going to plan a little day at Sesame Place for their Halloween festivities. Dylan will love it just the same.

I am happy to be in this positive state of mind again! It takes a lot to knock me down, but I will never STAY down. Count on that!


  1. There's my girl =) Good luck to JC on the GB surgery, thinking about you all.

  2. It's so great to read the joy in your words. You are a great mom and partner. Hope everything goes well for JC's surgery.

  3. That's right!

    Good luck to JC on her surgery. Hope she has a quick and easy recovery.

  4. You are so amazing!

    The positivity flows.......and I love it!

  5. Mina, your positive outlook and attitude are exactly what you should be doing right now! I am wishing JC a super speedy recovery, and of course, thinking of you & Dylan. Luv ya. :-)