Friday, September 14, 2012

I had to work through my lunch break yesterday because I had to leave at 4pm for my monthly family meeting with Dylan’s therapists, so I didn’t get to do my lunch time walk. However, I was NOT about to let that get me off my game! After the meeting, the speech therapy, and cooking dinner, I put Dylan in his stroller and took a jog/walk for an hour at 8:30pm. The dog needed a walk, so I took her with us. Chloe kept wanting to sniff at everything, and bark/lunge at anything that moved, but I still got my sweat on even though we looked like quite a sight LOL. I really wanted to do a workout DVD, but Dylan wanted my attention and the dog needed to pee, so I killed three birds with one stone. I even practiced with Dylan his sounds during the walk. Moms know how to multi-task! LOL

I weighed 210 this morning, and I’m firmly back on track.

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  1. Looked on your profile for am email address. I wanted to drop a note to say hi. Hope all is well!