Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yesterday began Dylan's first ABA therapy session, he will get it two hours a day, Monday through Friday (for now). It was at JC’s mom’s house, because the therapist could only see him from 10:30-12:30 because of her schedule.
The feedback she gave me was great, she texted me afterward. She said, he was so sweet and comfortable with her, enjoyed all her activities. She said she lightly targeted increasing his eye contact with response to his name and having him point in exchange for desired items as she labeled them. She said she provided appropriate functional phrase cues for him in all situations. She said he has some imitation skills and clapped for her when he did good things (which he does for me also). She said he was very cute and has LOTS of potential. She said he only cried when she was leaving with her train set, he actually took it out of her bag and tried to hide it! LOL
She told my MIL that he is very intelligent and she thinks/hopes with some time and help, he won't even need services anymore. She said he cooperated with her and listened to her. He even waved bye bye to her at her prompting! He must love her, because I can't even get him to do that! :)
Now, I wasn't expecting such great feedback, that it almost takes me off guard! I am almost afraid to get my hopes up! He starts his Speech therapy tonight as well, so I guess I will get more feedback there. I expect it to not go as well since he only says two words currently. But I am hopeful that will change! The Speech Therapist is hysterical, she's a 64 year old lady recruited from North Carolina to NYC for her experience with kids like Dylan, and she lives a few blocks away from me! She has a great sense of humor, and told me she is going to be there for us.
I have been praying to God that the right therapists with the right help would come our way, and it seems like that is happening. I hope this is the start to great things for him! I am still waiting for them to find an OT therapist for him, hopefully that person will be just right for Dylan too.
I have been experiencing A LOT of anxiety lately, in the form of my chest feeling tight or my heart skipping beats. I think once we fall into our routine it will be okay, but it's been a little nerve wracking waiting to hear from all the therapists and find out what the schedule is. JC's mom is not thrilled with the ABA therapy at her house right now, but I'm hoping she'll get used to it until we find another solution. I just want to settle into our new "normal".
I know this blog is becoming all about my son, but right now this is my outlet and really this is all I can focus on at the moment. It helps to let out to you guys what's going on, and to work out how I feel. I know things will fall into place for us, but it's very new right now so thanks for letting me "talk" about my little man so much and being there for me!


  1. I love reading about what's going on with Dylan! I wish I lived closer to you guys!
    He sounds like he's doing great - I'm so happy!

  2. Talk about your son all you want! I am so glad that the therapies are falling into place. I'll pray that the last one you need is also just the right one for him. I am so glad that things are working out!!

  3. Awesome news... He will be perfectly fine, no matter what happens..

  4. Yay for such a great start to ABA! I'm so, so glad that it went well and that your therapists are so awesome!!! That is a huge piece of the puzzle. So Thank God for that.

    Dylan is an amazing kid and I love reading about him and your family in general. Keep writing, we are all here for you!

  5. I'm so glad the sessions are going wonderfully. Your son sounds like he's doing really well. I don't blame you focusing on that right now. You are an amazing mom!