Thursday, August 9, 2012

You guys!! I’m so happy and excited! Dylan had his first speech therapy session last night. The Speech Pathologist Linda was awesome!! She knows her stuff, she loved Dylan off the bat, and she stayed at my house talking for two hours, even though she is only paid for 30 minutes. She is a 64 year old true Southern lady, and she had loads of experience. Doctors even contact her for their own children. She said her entire life is dedicated to her work, and even though she’s at the point where she doesn’t have to work anymore, she loves what she does. She even has a fiancé waiting for her back in South Carolina, but he was a Mayo Clinic doctor and understands her dedication. She said she is in it for the long haul with Dylan for no matter how long it takes. She said if there is ever anything worrying me about him, even not related to speech to call her any time of the day or night and she will be there for me. She said for some reason she takes a strong liking to him because Dylan reminds her of her father who passed away, and that he is the prettiest baby she has ever worked with in all her years. She said his red hair, brown eyes and dimples are going to do her in LOL.

He LOVED her back! He kept laughing at her and smiling at her, and she got him to follow a lot of gestures, some with her help. He did things he’s never done before with her. She said she believes he also has Verbal Dyspraxia, which she said he involuntary cannot get his mouth to say many things. She said not to worry because she has taught many kids with that diagnosis to talk in sentences. She said she can see that he does have Autism, but she said it is mild compared to many of her patients that bang their head on the walls, will not look at her, and scream if touched. She said he has so much potential, he will do well, and she can see already how bright he is. She said she can see how much he seeks me out, and loves my affection, so that is a great thing.

I loved this woman SO much, she is all business and is very methodical in her teaching. She gave me homework to do with him, and I have to keep perfect records of what he does and when he does it. She said she keeps data on file of all progress. I love finally having something I can DO, instead of worrying what to do. I feel empowered now! She said she is going to push for him to get 4-5 days a week instead of three. She also gave me the rundown of how the other therapists should behave, and what to look for. When I told her that I think God sent her our way (my coordinator begged her to take on the case because she knew Dylan would progress with her), she said she doesn’t hear that with a cold heart and she believes in God as well, and believes the same thing.

Okay, that ends my rave of Linda! I have two GREAT therapists on Dylan’s team so far! I am so happy I feel like crying at my desk right now. So happy!! I promise not to talk so much about the therapists in the future, but this is the best thing that has happened to me since Dylan was born! I feel very lucky!!


  1. That is so fantastic!! I am so happy that things are falling into place for you guys!

  2. I am so happy for you! It sounds like Dylan is getting all the right help. Good news!

  3. That is wonderful, Mina - so happy to hear that! Dylan sounds like he has all the right people. Talk about it as much as you want - this is your blog! Looking forward to reading the updates. :-)

  4. :D Yay! Really happy that things are going so well for you & Dylan right now. Having therapists who are highly qualified AND a match with you guys on a personal level is HUGE! YES!