Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am kind of in a bloggy rut, don’t want to feel like I am writing the same things over and over. Soooo, I am opening up the floor to you! If you have any questions that you would like to ask me (anything), or would like me to write about a specific topic, let me know! I need to have some fresh stuff on this blog!


  1. I miss your posts!!!

    I wanna ask: how are you budgeting your trip to Disney? I just very recently started looking into it for a vacation in January 2013 and I cannot believe how expensive it is. I really don't see how it's going to happen, short of charging the whole thing, which my husband will not do! (I WOUlD CHARGE IT THOUGH!!) I kinda wanted to go then and a do a Disney run!

  2. I also miss your posts! I suck at coming up with topics or questions. Let me think...How is the job change going? I know you work for the same company, but you were going to have different responsibilities. Just wondering how it was going.

    Not a questions but an FYI...I live in the Orlando Area of Florida. So if you want to meetup or need anything while you are here let me know!

  3. My question is would you like to meet with this Lawn-Guyland girl and when? :-)

  4. I was wondering, .. nah, not so much