Thursday, May 10, 2012

TMI Alert!

So before I got pregnant with my son, I had trouble ovulating. My cycle wasn’t that regular, and I would take ovulation tests to determine when I do, and I wouldn’t get a positive. I’m sure I would ovulate certain months, but not every cycle. My doctor gave me Clomid to induce ovulation when we were ready to try, and that helped me. Maybe too much because I was hyper stimulated and in pain, but it helped me to get pregnant so I didn’t mind!

Last month, around ovulation time, I experienced a lot of discomfort. I actually cried one night because the pain was getting intense, I was incredibly bloated, and the scale went up a few pounds. It went away pretty quickly. Once again, I am ovulating, and the discomfort is worse than any cramps I used to get with my period, which were bad. The scale went up three pounds, my lower abdomen is very bloated, I have a lot of headaches. I know that it will pass in a couple of days, but it’s so strange to be experiencing these symptoms now after all these years. I wonder if losing weight is helping me to ovulate regularly, and if so, I wonder why I feel it SO strongly? Maybe it's because I had a baby? I have worse pain now than with my period, it’s strange! Has anyone else experienced the same since losing weight? I am happy to be ovulating on my own, I hope that continues until we try for another baby!


  1. I'm jealous of your pain!! lol

    Sounds like it's all good things that are happening to your body. I bet since having lost so much weight you are just more in tune with certain sensations that may have been over looked before (like ovulation pains).

    You should start temping and charting to see if and when you are ovulating - you might not even need clomid next time!!


  2. Since I've lost weight I have FELT my ovulation and it has never happend before. I was freaked out because the first few months I had no idea why it felt like someone was wedging a knife in my sides. (Along with bloating / headaches / etc) When the doctor told me what it was, I'll admit I'm still a little freaked out about it. My periods are actually BETTER.. they last only 3-5 days and are relatively manageable. But my ovulation is a PIMA. What is up with that?! But yes - me too!

  3. I have experienced the same thing with my cycle. I have been pretty heavy my entire life and since I stared my period 16 years ago I never had a regular period sometimes going 9 months without. Now that I have been losing weight I have had three normal periods in a row with all the symptoms.

  4. Since I gave birth to my son, my periods have been non-existent. Last month was my best month for weight loss and, for the first time in four years, I had a really good period (if there is such a thing, LOL!) I felt some cramping and it was terribly wonderful. For those of you who have had issues with Auntie Flow, you know what I mean. But this month, I am cramping and I am not expecting my visit for another week. After reading this, I am wondering if it is ovulation. Hmmmm . . .

  5. It is maybe just your body "kicking on?" I hope to have that same trouble some day! :) I go long bouts with absolutely nothing happening, and it disheartens, but I know that as the weight is falling off it will get better!