Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm enjoying this "lazy" Sunday as much as I can, because my work week is very busy and on the go. My boy actually slept until 10 am which is unheard of, so I got to sleep late for the first time in a long time! Yesterday was a great day, we had our first snow of the winter so we stayed in, but I had a blast playing with my little one and just bonding.

This morning, J surprised me with breakfast, pancakes and turkey bacon. I was happy that she made me the beautiful meal, but I didn't want to break my "diet" by eating a big plate. I ate one small pancake and two strips of turkey bacon. What is working for me is to not deprive myself of certain foods completely because I feel I am setting myself up for failure in the long run. Instead of the three pancakes and four strips of turkey bacon, I just ate a small portion and was full from it.

I want to make changes for life, not just changes until I reach my goal. I am learning that I don't have to say no to everything, I just have to eat in moderation and within reason, while balancing out my meals with plenty of healthy choices. That is how I envision myself carrying this out for the long run.

For lunch, I made myself a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and tomatoes and mustard. That is what I call balance.

We have family coming over for dinner, and I just finished up the salad. It made me think of how excited I am for the summer to come, and I'm looking forward to our BBQs. I plan on making them healthier, with options like turkey burgers, grilled veggies and fruit salad. Healthy doesn't have to be boring! I am so looking forward to enjoying the summer at a much healthier weight and in shape! Bring on the tank tops!

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend! One of the things that I have been doing lately is making larger portions of all my healthy meals, and then as soon as it gets done cooking, spoon out my serving (usually 1/4) and then put the rest in a container in the fridge. That way when I'm finished, it's cold and I don't want to heat it back up if I am thinking about getting more.

    Balance is the key! :)