Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, it’s time for J and I to start planning our son’s Baptism! We are planning on doing it in June, and we need to plan early because J’s brother is our little one’s Godfather and he lives in Florida, so he needs extra advance notice to make arrangements. He wasn’t able to come sooner, so we’ve had to hold off on it until this year. The reception will be an intimate party at a catering hall with about 25 people, just family and best friends.

I really, really, REALLY want to be a size 14 by then. I want to look nice for that day. We had a big party in a hall for his 1st birthday, and I was so sad when I saw the pictures of the day, I was embarrassed by how big and out of shape I looked. It was a beautiful party and I enjoyed it so much, but when I look at the pics I try not to look at my own. How sad is that??

That is why I am working very hard to reach my mini goal of being a size 14 by June. I won’t be at my ultimate goal of course, but I will feel so much better about myself! His Baptism will be so special and meaningful for me and I want to cherish the memories!

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