Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pick-a-Pearl in Epcot

Yay, I got my first comments! Woot-woot! Thanks girls!

So, I am definitely doing the Pick-a-Pearl from Epcot in the Japan pavilion on our trip. I’ve read about it on the DIS boards, and it looks like so much fun! I love pearls, so this experience is right up my alley, in fact I am wearing a pearl pendant right now. I want to have my son pick out an oyster, I will always treasure wearing a pearl handpicked by my baby boy! I think it’s going to be so much fun picking out the perfect setting to go along with the pearl because it will be my birthday gift to myself AND my reward for losing 100 pounds {cause I’m going to do it!} so I want it to be special!

I’m a full-fledged girly girl, and proud of it. But in my family of three, I’m the only one into pink, Disney Princesses and all things girly. That’s okay, I kind of like being the only Queen of the house! In preparation for our trip, I ordered two Disney Dooney & Bourke bags from the Disney Store! I ordered the blue Erica bag and the pink Sketch crossbody, they had an awesome sale, plus 30% off the sale price and free shipping that day. That is pretty much the only reason I ordered them because I never really spend on myself anymore. It’s the “Mommy Guilt”. Anytime I have some extra cash it goes to things for the little one, but I haven’t bought anything special for myself since before he was born so I took the plunge while the price was right. I am especially excited over the crossbody which I will wear for the parks. Easy to carry, and cute! Disney & Dooney…what a great combination! Be still my heart!

I’m down 3 pounds so far! I know my weight won’t be coming off so quickly soon, so I am enjoying it while it does!

I had a mini revelation. When I am on a journey to get fit and healthy, I am happy. When I am not, I am not happy.

That’s it, that my revelation.

Why the heck has it been so hard, then? If all signs point to happiness by doing the right thing for myself, why have I been hindering and holding myself back?

I am just two days in, and my energy level and mood has lifted tremendously. I know it’s because I am in the beginning stage and it’s easier to be all hoo-rah about it. I know that in this journey, I am going to have my bad days. But there’s comes a point when you need to make a choice. When you see the fork in the road, and two directions to take, take the road less traveled. I’ve been down the other road before, countless times. It’s never the right direction to take; it will never take me to where I want to go. But I just kept taking the same darn road.

If I feel this good only two days in, how good will I feel 20 days in, 200 days in?

Someone wrote on their blog a post about not thinking of your goal weight as the end of the journey, think of it as the starting point. I love that concept. When I get to my goal, I can’t think that my work is complete because my journey will just be beginning.

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  1. Pick-a-pearl is definitely fun! We ordered a cinderella carriage cage off ebay for my pearl (not sure the seller or if they still have them). I love it, it's so cute and feminine without screaming Disney. I've always wanted to pick a pink or blue pearl, but maybe this trip I will!

    Don't even get me started on Disney Dooney's. I bought a pink sketch crossbody too, soooo cute. I am in love with the WDW 40th anniversary messenger bag. I'm saving up my money to buy it on our trip. They are adorable and I love purses!

    I loved reading this entry, you are so positive and optimistic! Thinking of it as a lifelong journey is a great idea, because it really is! I think blogs are a great's a daily reminder of what you're working towards. Some days I feel blah and just want to give up, but I always come back to read journals and feel much more inspired! Some days are hard but when you push on, you feel so much better the next day.