Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

It was a great weekend, too short! The weather was little mild so we were able to enjoy it. On Saturday, I met up with my sister to take the little one to the park and to lunch. We went to Outback Steakhouse because our cousin was working there that day, and I was able to find healthy choices. I skipped the bread, had a garden salad and a 6oz grilled steak with broccoli. Vastly different from what I would’ve normally ordered, and I enjoyed it a lot! Yesterday, J and I ran some errands with the baby, and we stopped at Wendy’s to eat because the baby loves the baked potato there. I ordered a half salad and a grilled chicken wrap. Yummy!

My sister gave me two workout DVDs, they are the “walk at home” ones by Leslie Sansone. I used to love doing her workouts when they were on-demand through my cable, so I was very happy to take them. I did my power walk during lunch, but I want to do one of the tapes this evening with some strength training.

For some reason today has been a harder day for me in terms of cravings and feeling tired. I am pushing through it because I know it’s because we all didn’t get much sleep last night because my son kept getting up. I am sticking with my healthy choices and getting through the day because I know tomorrow is another day and I will be all the more proud for sticking to my guns. I know not every day will be easy, and on the days that you have LESS motivation—you need MORE determination. That is what will take you to where you need to go.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Good work on ordering something healthy!

    Stick to your guns. Turning down those cravings now will absolutely make you feel better tomorrow! I suggest flossing or even brushing your teeth if you really feel like something. It definitely makes you feel like not eating whatever it is.

    Something that I do, when I'm really craving chocolate, is I pull it out of the freezer and sit it down on a desk in my room. I'll continue to do whatever it is I'm doing and eventually the craving will pass or I'll realize how bad I'd feel afterwards and put it back in the fridge. I think pulling whatever it is out and having it sitting around for me to look at makes me think harder about if I really want it.

  2. I love Leslie Sansone! Her workouts are incredibly easy, but they do a darn good job burning calories. Good work!