Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I guess I still got it!

My walks are starting to become quite interesting. Yesterday, I kept passing these two old Russian men. After the fourth time passing them, one of them signaled me over to them, and asked me in his thick accent why I was walking, so I said I was doing laps for exercise. So he asked “Can I walk with you?” but I could have sworn he was being flirtatious, and I said “I think I walk too fast” and laughed. Then he said, “You look niceeeeee” and leered at me, while the other old man looked me up and down. I had to laugh at the situation, in my head I’m like, “Did these 80 year old men just hit on me????”…Hahahaha. It felt kind of creepy, but I had to laugh.

I’m down a pound this morning, so happy to be back on track!! Whew.


  1. Bahahahahaha!! That's AWESOME! :)

  2. Imagine the conversation in the Russian house...

  3. Too funny! Although, I think I would've taken it as them being creepy. Shudder. :-)