Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is a whirlwind!

Thank you for your support yesterday! I know I may write about my mom too much, but it helps to put my feelings down. I don’t really talk about it with family or friends, so this is my outlet. Thanks for being there for me. I love you! ;)

So we had an impromptu staff meeting yesterday in which we were told that our department is being moved to our Manhattan locations, and will be split up into two separate departments and buildings. However, they need one person to handle the residential aspect in Queens and that person will be moved to one of our other departments with different management. I decided to stay in Queens because the commute is too much when I have to worry about getting home to the baby and picking him up. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to stay here, I’ve worked plenty times in the city and the commute can be rough from where I live because the subway is not close. I will pretty much have a new job in about a month, I will also have to merge with other responsibilities with the new department. I am not TOO nervous because I know the people I will be working with by face, I’ve been with the company for 7 years, but it’s still a major change! I am excited to start something new.

I was jumping for joy last night because I fit into my size 16 jeans from 5 years ago. Due to vanity sizing, they are the equivalent of size 14 today. I was spinning around in front of JC all happy. I couldn’t have imagined 3 months ago that I would be able to squeeze my big booty into those jeans in just 3 months! I can’t wait to see the progress I will have in another 3 months! I am so freaking close to getting out of the 200’s, I weighed in at 203.5 this morning. Sooooo close!


  1. Congratulations on the size downgrade! Amazing! You will be out of the 200s in no time!

    Glad you get to stay in Queens. A bad commute can be horrible to deal with. Starting something new is always exciting! Glad you are looking at it positively!

  2. My sister lives in the UES and works in downtown Manhattan! I visit her ALL the time :D

    Good luck transitioning into a new role. I'm sure you will be amazing! I think good commute is so important. We bought a house with that in mind when my bf only has to drive less than 10 minutes to get to work.

  3. It's so much easier when you work close to home.
    Hooray on fitting into the jeans!! You are doing great and so close to Onederland!!

  4. The posts about your mom, though sad, are always written with such pure love & honesty. It's your blog, you write your truth and your story!

    AWWWWW YEAH about those jeans!! And you are gonna be out of the 200's so soon and I can't wait!!!

  5. Mina, don't apologize for writing about your mother. Your blog is your personal space, after all. I am so happy to hear that you're getting oh so close to One-Derland soon! Can't wait to hear about it.