Thursday, April 26, 2012

I want so badly to try for another baby soon, but I won’t be. It’s not a good idea for a couple of reasons: 1) I refuse to try before I get to my goal,  2) We have to figure out child care because there is no way my MIL can watch two kids so we would need to find care for both , and 3) JC doesn’t want us to try just yet.

I know these are all valid reasons, and I won’t be trying until at least next year, but why is it on my mind so much??

I know I’m not getting any younger at 32, and I don’t know how many tries it will take before it works for us, so that makes me anxious. I wish I could see into the future and know that I will definitely get to have another little one.

I have a beautiful son, he is my world and if he will be my only than I would still be the luckiest mama. But I want so badly to give him a sibling and to experience the joy I felt when I was pregnant with him. The uncertainty if that will ever happen again sometimes gets to me. Lately I am surrounded by pregnant friends and family members, and it reminds me of how much I want to experience that again. I would love to see my son with his brother or sister someday.


I guess all I can do at the moment is continue working hard to reach my goal, become healthier than ever, save money, think positive and day dream of baby names.


  1. Funny this should be your post today. I was just driving home with the kids and had a few baby pangs myself. And I ended up with the same resolutions as you: get healthy, save money, think positive etc. That's all we can really do in a situation we don't have much control over for several reasons, right??

    While I understand your fears, the good news for you is that you are still young! I'm 32 and my fertility nurse always tells me I'm young :) And you have proven fertility and your last attempt worked and fast!!! Of course there is always a chance that it won't work as quickly but that's par for the course. Even with a healthy male/female couple it can sometimes take 6-12 months to 'catch the egg' so to speak. Your track record is great. Hold on to that.

    I know Dylan will have a little brother/sister, one way or another, one day. You are a dedicated mama and you will get your way! :)

  2. I guess patience is the key. My Husband and I couldn't have children together. So there was a waiting that never got fulfilled. But we have "our" daughter, who was my daughter because I was a single Mum when we met. When the timing is right you'll have another little blessing to hold and love.

  3. My babies are almost 5 years apart, and I once thought that would just be too much. But it's not. It's great.
    You will get there, and when you do everything else will be right. Just keep your goals in view.
    Besides, Disney wouldn't be fun pregnant. ;) love ya gal!!

  4. Like Rae Rae J my kids are almost five years apart and it is great. I had my four year old when I was 38. I understand the baby pangs, just know that you have time. Hang in there.

  5. When you're ready, it will happen. I have a feeling Dylan will not be an only child. I'm 33, and I havent even had my first one yet! I'll turn to science too in order to get my babies - I have no problem with that. :-)