Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Brain

To somewhat expand a little on my post this morning, I now have babies on the brain. I won’t be trying until January, but that’s only 10 months away. My son will be barely over two, wow. Now, I don’t know how long it will take before I get pregnant, but I’m excited just thinking about it. I’m already looking up exercises that are fine during pregnancy and researching recommended caloric intakes. My lifestyle now is one I want to continue forever, and I’m not going to abandon it while I’m pregnant. I will continue to exercise as long as I can (it may be a little harder once the waddle sets in LOL), albeit at a slower pace and maybe not twice a day LOL, and I will continue to count my calories. I will make sure to get adequate nutrition for the baby, and drink lots of water like I’m doing now. Instead of fearing I will gain all my weight back, I have a sense of control and know that I won’t let that happen. Of course some weight gain is inevitable, but I am going to aim for 20-25 pounds. Agghhhhhh, I can’t wait!

When I was pregnant before, I wished I would have lost the weight before doing it. I didn’t gain a lot while pregnant, but I just didn’t feel great. Especially in the middle of summer, Ugghhh. I am excited happy that this time around I will be healthy and in shape. Maybe it will even help me in delivery! I know I am getting ahead of myself, but I’m excited to see how pregnancy will be at a normal and healthy weight.

Oh boy, I have a lot to look forward to in the near future. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing, and remember WHY I’m doing it and I will get to my goal. Life has been going good for me recently, and I hope it only gets better! *knock on wood*


  1. You will have a much more enjoyable pregnancy & delivery if you are healthy going into it!! Had I not lost my last pregnancy, I would have gone into it @ 200 lbs, probably gained at least 45 more and continued my terrible eating habits. I would have been setting myself up and my unborn baby for a life of unhealthfulness (if that's a word, lol). Obviously, I'm not glad I lost the baby, but I am glad that if we go for it again, I will be healthy in my mind AND body. Which is so important when you go through what we have to go through to have a baby because it is so unbelievably stresssful.

    Plus, you will be able to wear much cuter maternity clothes as a healthy pregnant woman ;) :) It's so great when you can be excited about all the future holds for you!! YAY!

  2. You jinxed yourself- all you'll think about now is babies!