Thursday, March 29, 2012

Work it out!

For the first time since this journey, I actually notice a difference when I look in the mirror. I mean, I *know* there’s a difference because my clothes are baggy, but my body looked the same except maybe smaller. Last night, I was checking myself out and could finally see it. My arms are more toned, I have a long way to go, but they’re looking better. I am starting to get definition in my abs, those used to be my best feature years ago. Nowhere even close to a six pack, don’t get it twisted LOL, but more defined than before. I don’t have back rolls anymore, I used to have two rolls on my back. How embarrassing that I’m talking about this stuff, but screw it. You guys already know more about me than even my best friend does.

I credit these small changes to exercise. I do tons of fast walking, strength training with weights and cardio DVD's at home. The last time I tried losing weight a few years ago, I knocked off some pounds but didn’t tone up at all. Gained it right back. Now my muscles are getting firm underneath it all. I am excited to see how my body will look when I reach my ultimate goal. I don’t know what that ultimate goal, number on the scale or clothing size is, but I will know the closer I get to it. My aim is to be FIT, not just skinny!


  1. I have to start strength training *grumble*.. you are such great inspiration!

  2. Yes! You are getting rid of the back fat!! I hate the back rolls the most!!!!!!

    Yes, exercise is partly responsible for these changes but it is your strength, determination and motivation that is making these changes happen!!!!

  3. Strength training makes all the difference in the world, I'm telling you! I'm not knocking cardio, Lord knows that's important too. But the benefits of weights are unreal. Keep on, girl! :-)