Monday, March 12, 2012

Florida or New York...Florida or New York....

So JC’s brothers moved to Florida last year. JC’s sister and mother have been talking about moving as well all of the time. She called me up just now to tell me that they are moving there by October. JC’s mom watches Dylan while we work during the week, so we have to find alternative child care. By then he will be two, so he will be eligible for a day care that we both feel comfortable with, they are reputable and have been around forever. The thing is, now JC really wants to move to Florida as well. In a way, I do too. I lived in Miami for a little while as a kid, but we moved back to NY. I loved Florida while I was there, but I was 10, so I’m not sure I would love it now. I do think the quality of life may be a little better than what we have now. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to afford a house living in Queens, but it’s possible in Florida.

There would be a few things we have to take care of before we go. JC has to adopt Dylan, we need to have another baby and have JC adopt that baby as well before we go. I don’t trust the Florida courts so I need to make sure that happens before we go. If we really DO want to move to Florida, we need to try for another baby in the beginning of 2013. I didn’t think I would be trying so soon, but we don’t want it to be years before we go.

I am kind of ambivalent about whether or not to move. I want to get out of NYC at some point in my life, I know that. I would hate not living near my sisters or friends, but I have always wanted to move. I love NY, it will always be “home” to me, but I need a change. I guess worst case scenario is we move and if we don’t like it, we come back. Life is too short not to take chances. We are probably close to two years before we go, but we have to get a lot of stuff in order before we make the jump.

I am glad I’m getting in shape now before I get pregnant again, and before we move! I remember the heat out there all too well, and with that comes less clothing! LOL


  1. Cool options. Moving is fun, a lot of work but fun. I was a military brat and moved a lot. Think how close you will be to Disney too! NYC is a place people dream about living in, me included, and you have done that. You can always go back to visit up north and swing by here for a meet and greet!!

  2. I'm over in Jersey so I'm familiar with the costs of living here. We've been considering a move (my husband is from Maryland) but have things keeping us here. I say if you can get out- go! Wait until after the pregnancy though- can you imagine pregnant in the Florida heat? Ugh.