Friday, March 2, 2012

I could get used to this!

Okay, so I mentioned that I have a Sweet 16 tonight. It is at 8pm, and I won’t have time to go home and change because I have to pick up something for my MIL, get the baby and meet up with J before we go, so I am wearing the outfit for the party. Nothing special: a nice top, boot cut black pants, pearl necklace, boots. Hair is loose and curly, makeup is done. I am wearing a shirt that I haven’t fit into for a few years, so it feels new to me! LOL

Anyway, my co-workers have been showering me with compliments all day, there has been a perpetual blush on my face! I have to admit, I like what I see in the mirror today! It is the most amazing feeling. When I was younger and fit, I used to go out at least 3 times a week, I loved getting dressed to go dancing! But I have been in such a slump until now, and didn’t like the way I looked. I am still far from my goal weight, but you know what? I feel freaking pretty today. I could get used to this again.

That is all!


  1. It is so nice to have that little fashion boost of self esteem. I wore a tank top yesterday that didn't fit a month ago and ended up wearing it all day because I felt pretty in it! I'm new to your blog but am so glad I found it because I too am on a weight loss track. I've got about 20lbs to go...

  2. I can totally relate! And we are doing WDW 11/3-11/10!