Monday, March 5, 2012

I hung on.

So, I had a great weekend. We had J's mom, daughter and granddaughter over for dinner on Saturday. I made healthy tacos and they were a hit. Sunday, we got up early for church, went back home to make breakfast, met up with my sisters and cousin in Staten Island for the St. Patrick's Day parade, had lunch, then went to my other cousin's house for his birthday. I made good choices yesterday for lunch at Wendy's; I had a baked potato with low fat sour cream, small chili and grilled chicken go wrap with water. At my cousin's house, I turned down the {Spumoni Gardens!!!} pizza and the ice cream.

Today, I kind of went through the ringer, emotionally. For the first time since this diet I craved the wrong things big time and have felt extremely lazy. I am home today from work and haven't been as motivated as usual. I put two & two together and realized that (TMI alert) I am ovulating, and I usually experience cravings and fatigue during this time.

However, I didn't do anything stupid. Stuck to my meal plan for the day. Going to workout after dinner is prepared. There was some mental warfare going on but thank God I didn't give in.

Speaking of working out, I did the Biggest Loser At Home Challenge DVD this weekend and LOVED it. What a good workout! Definitely doing it tonight!


  1. Good for you not giving in!

  2. You should be really proud of totally flexed that muscle of self-control!!