Friday, March 9, 2012

Woot-woot, Friday!

Oh my goodness, I am sooooo sore! Yesterday, I did my usual 55 minute lunch break walk, and then did the Biggest Loser DVD at home. It hurt while doing it because of the 30 Day Shred workout the day before, but I did it anyway. I woke up this morning in pain, but felt better after a really hot shower. Oh man, Jillian has kicked my ass! I am going to do my walk during lunch; today is my MIL’s birthday, so I can’t exercise tonight also, but I will focus on a lot of cardio this weekend.

I’m not sure who this person is, but I’ve become pretty addicted to working out lately. I always walk during my lunch break, even if it’s raining, and I get fidgety if I can’t workout at night also. A huge departure from the couch potato I was last year!!

Well, it’s Friday and I’m going to enjoy my weekend, hope you guys do the same!

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  1. So glad that working out has become part of your routine. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!