Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am very excited! Today I registered for the NYC Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk on May 6th! So far, we have a team of 6 people. We hope to raise $500. I am going to make butterfly hair clips for little girls & babies to sell as a fundraiser for the walk. I chose butterflies, because every time my sister and I see one, we think of my mom. My mom passed away last May, so it is very fitting to do this in her honor this May. I am so glad I started getting into shape now so the walk will be a piece of cake!

I have been told by a few co-workers, including my boss, that I am dropping the pounds! I feel great when that happens, it reinforces my motivation!! I was a rock star yesterday, I walked 36 blocks during my lunch break and I did a cardio dvd when I got home. It’s becoming an addiction! LOL

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  1. That's great!! I'm glad you get to help raise money and do it in honor of your mom too. You will rock that walk!

    Wow, 36 blocks, you are a machine! LOL.

    Hope you have been having a good weekend!