Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Such a difference

I’ve dieted in the past, but I have never placed such an emphasis on healthy choices. I used to eat a lot of low fat or fat free snacks like Snackwell’s, 100 calorie packs, etc. I think those choices are a hundred times better than chips and candy bars, and I’m not saying I will never eat any of those. But I have placed more importance on eating fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein this time around. I eat half of what I used to, and I don’t go to bed hungry. I am completely satisfied throughout the day. When I used to eat a lot of fast food, pizza, subs, etc., I was always hungry afterward. It’s so fascinating to me that I eat less now, and I am less hungry. It’s amazing how much the quality of my food affects my hunger level. After eating a small and healthy dinner I am so full that I get taken aback.

One thing that is working for me is preparation. I buy lots of healthy produce, and I bring plenty to work each day so I won’t stay hungry. I would not want to waste the food, so I make sure to eat it each day. If I am going out to eat, I make sure to snack on a piece of fruit so I am not starving by the time I get there. There is a healthy choice to be found at every restaurant and many taste really good!

Thank God for Pandora on my Blackberry. I turn on the Pitbull music station when I go for my lunch time walks. I don’t have an Ipod, so I rely on this for motivation! The music is so upbeat and fast, it keeps my spirits up. Now I look forward to my walks! It’s the only time that is truly MINE.

Yesterday I stayed home, but I didn’t waste the day. I did an Ultimate Arms and Ultimate Abs workout, cleaned, took the baby to the park for a little while and did a 60 minute cardio DVD when I came back. My muscles were crying this morning, but I love it! It’s a reminder of how good it feels to workout.

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  1. I so agree on the 100 calorie packs! I noticed recently tons of them are cookies or brownies and I'm thinking "What is the point!?". I guess for a nice treat, but you can eat three times as many vegetables for 100 calories.

    It is interesting how when you eat the right things you are hungry less often than when you eat more of the bad stuff. Obviously, it's great, but strange none the less. I think spicy foods really do the trick if you can eat them. I'm heading to a thai restaurant with a friend today and if I pick something spicy I can only eat half and I'm usually full for a long time.

    Planning is a great idea! It's always helpful to do each day in advance because you can get up and know exactly what your going to be eating.

    Pandora is great! Spotify is the new thing now, and I absolutely love it. If it's still up for a free download it's like itunes but entire songs that you can play for free. Top 100, you can search artists, anything you like, add them to your playlist and you can listen as long as you're at the computer. There are ads like pandora and you can't have the actual songs but they are available to play whenever and it's completely legal and free. If your computer is in an area where you workout, this might work better than the radio!

    Good work on the cardio dvds!