Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three weeks today!!

Okay, so this morning I gave in and weighed myself {ducking my head}, don't be mad, okay? ;)

The results: I've lost 3.5 since Thursday!

For me, waiting a full month is just torture. I am going to weigh myself once a week. That is so much more bearable for me, and it's still a hundred times better than weighing myself multiples times a day which was my pattern before!

Today makes three weeks since I've begun this journey. 21 days. Kayla, you said once you make changes for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I believe it! This is part of my life now. I've lost 12 pounds in three weeks. I am active every day. I eat so much more cleaner and healthier. I've actually lost 17 pounds since New Year's Eve! My next weigh-in {promise!} will be next Tuesday.

So, last night was horrible for me. While playing, my son fell down on his train set on the floor. He landed on his belly on top of it. He was screaming and when I picked him up, blood came streaming out of his mouth. Our first thought out of fear was that he had some sort of internal bleeding because of the way he landed on the train set. While freaking out, we called the ambulance. By the time they came, he calmed down and was acting normal. We realized he probably cut his tongue with his tooth, but we had him go to the ER just to make sure he was okay. Turns out he did cut his tongue, and was fine overall. But that split second when the worst ran through our minds was the most horrible moment. I pray that we never ever experience a moment like that again. I am home with him today because we came home around 2am and I'm exhausted.

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  1. A weekly weigh-in is just fine and usually what people do! Congratas on the loss! I'm glad everything is becoming habit. I always keep working until that 21 day more and then think about how I feel and I will notice that most things are automatic.

    Awww! Poor guy! Glad it was just a cut tongue though! Hope he's feeling better. :)