Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Regarding my post earlier in the day: I don't care what the scale said. I *know* I've been eating really well. I *know* I've been busting my butt with exercise. My clothes are getting baggy, my stamina is increased and people are noticing my weight loss. I am doing amazing, and that scale can shove it. :)

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  1. You tell 'em!!

    Seriously, don't worry about it. You're still weighing everyday, correct? That weight could be anything like water, which is why daily weigh-in isn't my thing. Too much going into play to really tell.

    Also, if you are exercising, it's possible you're gaining a little bit of muscle. It's definitely not so much the # as it is how you look at feel! Nobody can tell how much you weigh, but they can tell if you look and feel good about yourself!

    Keep it up!