Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting for Spring!

So Valentine’s Day was very nice, even lovelier than I expected. J gave me lots of little surprises, and the little one loved his teddy and balloon. J did in fact buy me a chocolate heart even though I told her not to, but I definitely won’t be indulging in it. I’m not really a big fan of the chocolates anyway so it’s not hard to turn it away. If I would splurge on a chocolate treat, I would be a couple of pieces of dark chocolate – yummy!

Because of the dreary weather, it was a little harder to talk myself into my lunch time walk. I’ve vowed not to skip a day unless there is a major blizzard or something like that, so I dragged my big booty out there. Once I got into it, I felt great {and I knew I would}. I thought of spring and warmer weather on its way before we know it, and that helped to get my mojo going. I really like those endorphins I get when I get back to my desk; it gives me a much needed boost of energy for the afternoon!

Okay, so we are set for our son’s Christening on July 8th! My church said that was fine, and I booked an Italian restaurant’s banquet room for the reception afterward with 30 of our family members and friends. I am SO looking forward to this day, a little less than 5 months away! My goal is to get down to 175 pounds, which will put me at a size 12/14. By then, I won’t need to buy my outfit in Lane Bryant or Avenue! That is my mini goal before reaching my ultimate goal for our Disney trip. I am having faith in myself that I can get there!

While our winter has been mild compared to how it is normally, I am yearning for spring. I am literally aching to take walks in the park with my son in his stroller and the warmth of the sun shining down on us. I am excited about the zoo, farm, aquarium, etc. We find things to do now, but it’s definitely not the same! Well, we’re getting closer!

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  1. Mina - I am sooo right there with you on wanting spring to come now! Hehe. I can't wait for sunny skies - I feel that it improves my mood a lot. Strange, right? :-)