Thursday, February 16, 2012

J told me something this morning that made me cry a little.

She said, “You set your mind to something and you get it done instead of just talking about it. You wanted to build your credit, you did. You wanted to throw a big birthday party for the baby, you did. You wanted to learn how to make hair clips to sell to raise money the fundraiser in honor of your Mom, you did. You wanted to book a trip to Disney, you did. You wanted to lose weight, you’re doing it. I want to be as ambitious as you, I’m so proud of you!”

Wow, that meant so much for me to hear that! Only now am I starting to get my self-esteem and confidence back because I have felt SO low last year. My life just seems so much lighter lately.


  1. How sweet! It's great that you have such a wonderful support system!! You are doing great!

  2. It is so appreciated when people close to you notice those parts about you and tell you. Too often people don't tell others the nice things about them. Way to go J for cheering you along.